Welcome to Is Butter a Carb, my food blog.  I’m Michael, a globetrotting foodie with, at times, a mouth like a sailor, I’m also the overlord of this site. I call the Appalachian Mountains my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is Butter a Carb is mainly a food blog with some super tasty recipes, but it’s also a personal journal about my life, my family, my adventures, and whatever debauchery I end up partaking in. As far as a theme goes, I’m not sure there is one unless, “I cook whatever I feel like” is a theme.  I write this stuff for me, but it thrills me to share it with you!

Is Butter a Carb central command is nestled in the moderately sized mountain town of Johnson City, Tennessee – my own little slice of paradise. This is where the majority of the cooking, photography, and mindless gibberish transpires.  I will occasionally write about the restaurants and food scene here in Johnson City, but I prefer to spend the majority of my time cooking, writing recipes, and going on adventures with my fur child, Tikki.

That’s Tikki! When he isn’t sleeping, he is patiently waiting for me to drop even the most miniscule piece of food.  


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find something useful or at least entertaining on my blog.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Ciao!